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National Churches Trust

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The National Churches Trust exists to support churches, chapels and meeting houses so that they remain at the heart of the communities for which they were built and can continue to play an integral part in all our lives.
Across the UK places of worship are valued for many reasons. Where one finds spiritual solace, another finds inspirational architecture. Some churches provide poignant family memories, while others are commended for their presence in the community and the work they do in bringing local people together.

The Churches Tourism Network, Wales

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The Churches Tourism Network Wales seeks to support all Christian Churches in Wales, to encourage access to places of worship, and to advance education through providing increased and better managed access (physical and intellectual) for the public to church buildings.

CTNW can offer churches advice on safety and security, presentation of the building, producing literature,and can also help with developing local partnerships and funding

Churches Visitors and Tourism Association

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The Churches Visitor and Tourism Association is an umbrella organisation bringing together groups and individuals with a mutal interest in enriching encounters with Church spaces. SSPN is a corporate member.


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