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Explore Churches

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ExploreChurches, from the National Churches Trust, is a resource for visitors and churches, supporting and promoting a beautiful collection of fascinating places to visit.

Living Spirituality Connections

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Living Spirituality Connections is a hub for creative ways of exploring spirituality and a resource through which people can find material, groups and people to help deepen their explorations. "LSC is there to keep people informed about a wide range of initiatives and events relevant to our vision, and to connect people on a similar journey." There are special interest areas on the website - Art, Poetry & Spirituality; Music & Spirituality; Spiritual Journeying; Towards Human Flourishing

Spirit of the Place

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Spirit of the Place offer Cultural tours with a Difference and also provide lectures and lecture series, which support the tours.

Pilgrim Paths (Labyrinths)

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Pilgrim Paths provides bespoke labyrinth retreat days and workshops, works with schools, church groups and organisations, and creates resources for prayer and reflection. there are free resources available on the site e.g. Labyrinth Prayer Walk leaflets.

The Labyrinth Company

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The Labyrinth Company designs and builds walkable labyrinths in all media for temporary or permanent use.

The Prayer Trust

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The Prayer Trust does all it can to encourage the use of prayer by everyone, everywhere. They produce reasonably priced (e.g. 50p)little books of simple prayers.

SGM Lifewords

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Among freely provided Bible resources and programmes are prayer cards developed for cathedrals and visitor churches: A Prayer for Direction, A Prayer for Peace and A Prayer for Remembrance Day. The material is available free to anyone who needs it, but there is a suggested donation amount.

St Anthony's Priory, Durham

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St Antony's Priory is a peaceful oasis near the centre of Durham City. The Centre's small ecumenical team provides hospitality and weekday worship as well as an annual programme of:

• Quiet days and workshops;
• Hosting and facilitating quiet days and workshops for small groups;
• Space for individuals or small groups
• Helping develop the work of the North-East Prayer Guides Network;
• Individually-guided and private retreats and space for a day or more in personal prayer, contemplation, counselling and spiritual guidance.

Seeds of Silence

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Encourages and supports Christians in developing a prayerful spiritual discipline of silence.

Still Paths - Labyrinths

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The Still Paths website is a resource for those who want to discover more about labyrinths and what walking these ancient and new paths can offer for personal, community or organisational life.

The Quiet Garden Movement

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The Quiet Garden Movement fosters the provision of quiet spaces, small and large, creating sanctuaries of stillness and refreshment. Quiet Gardens can be found in homes, churches, retreat centres, schools and hospitals, where they provide an oasis for contemplation and stillness. “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31) The Quiet Garden Movement seeks to encourage inner reflection and equip people for living out the paradox of contemplation-in-action.

The Retreat Association

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The Retreat Association office provides an information resource for those involved in retreat work (both in Retreat Houses and the local community) and spiritual direction, offering advice and information to individual inquirers, parishes and various groups, by phone, fax, and letter or in person.


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