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Nyd oes wlad yn holl Gred o gymaint o dir a chymaint o saint ynddei ag oedd gynt ymhlith Cymbry - There is not a land of like size in all Christendom with so many saints in it as were of old among Welshmen

Saints populate the landscape of Wales in place-names, church dedications and holy wells. From St Fagans to Llandudno, St Davids to Pennant Melangell, the names of saints are bound up with the very fabric of the country. Some, like David and Beuno, are well known, but many are forgotten.

Seintiau is a developing site dedicated to research on the saints of Wales. A project has been creating digital editions of medieval Welsh-language texts about saints, providing modern texts with notes and English translations, which will soon be available on this website, as well as a forthcoming compendium of information on the saints and their traditions.

Richard Skinner, poet

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Richard Skinner - a man of many talents - a natural scientist, a therapist, a stand-up comic, an artist and a poet. It was as poet that he spoke to us about poetry and pilgrimage at the national gathering in Exeter in 2014.

Cairns Publications Online

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Cairns offers bold, relevant reflections on contemporary issues, with a realistic and earthy spirituality. Other publications by Jim Cotter are available through Canterbury Press


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