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Seeds of Silence

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Encourages and supports Christians in developing a prayerful spiritual discipline of silence.

Peak Pilgrimage

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The Peak Pilgrimage is a long distance footpath walk designed to be enjoyed by all. There are higher mountains, steeper tracks and greater walking challenges in other parts of Britain, but this walk in the Peak District National Park is relaxing, accessible and soul-restorative. It is a journey for anyone who likes walking but is also a pilgrimage walk designed as a spiritual experience.

North Wales Pilgrims annual pilgrimage

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The North Wales Pilgrims annual pilgrimage from Basingwerk to Ynys Enlli/Bardsey takes place from 27thMay to 9th June 2017. Everyone is welcome to join the group. at any stage of the pilgrimage.
Facebook page: North Wales Pilgrim's Way

R S Thomas Literary Festival, June 2017

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Contact details for the 2017 R S Thomas Festival at Aberdaron. Speakers this year include Dr Rowan Williams, the Revd Mark Oakley, Professor Helen Wilcox and Professor M Wynn Thomas.


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Journeying is an ecumenical organisation which takes small groups on holiday in an informal Christian ambience to the more off-the-beaten-track parts of Britain and Ireland. Its origins lie in Celtic spirituality and most of the trips still reflect that approach. Pilgrimage has been part of the story from the earliest days and that aspect continues to form a thread woven through all that they do.

"Our purpose is to provide inspiring holidays that enable people to venture out, leave the ‘every-day’ - and connect with God in creation, in each other and in ourselves."

Richard Skinner, poet

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Richard Skinner - a man of many talents - a natural scientist, a therapist, a stand-up comic, an artist and a poet. It was as poet that he spoke to us about poetry and pilgrimage at the national gathering in Exeter in 2014.

The Churches Tourism Network, Wales

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The Churches Tourism Network Wales seeks to support all Christian Churches in Wales, to encourage access to places of worship, and to advance education through providing increased and better managed access (physical and intellectual) for the public to church buildings.

CTNW can offer churches advice on safety and security, presentation of the building, producing literature,and can also help with developing local partnerships and funding

Still Paths - Labyrinths

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The Still Paths website is a resource for those who want to discover more about labyrinths and what walking these ancient and new paths can offer for personal, community or organisational life.

The Quiet Garden Movement

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The Quiet Garden Movement fosters the provision of quiet spaces, small and large, creating sanctuaries of stillness and refreshment. Quiet Gardens can be found in homes, churches, retreat centres, schools and hospitals, where they provide an oasis for contemplation and stillness. “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31) The Quiet Garden Movement seeks to encourage inner reflection and equip people for living out the paradox of contemplation-in-action.

Churches Visitors and Tourism Association

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The Churches Visitor and Tourism Association is an umbrella organisation bringing together groups and individuals with a mutal interest in enriching encounters with Church spaces. SSPN is a corporate member.

The Retreat Association

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The Retreat Association office provides an information resource for those involved in retreat work (both in Retreat Houses and the local community) and spiritual direction, offering advice and information to individual inquirers, parishes and various groups, by phone, fax, and letter or in person.

Cairns Publications Online

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Cairns offers bold, relevant reflections on contemporary issues, with a realistic and earthy spirituality

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